This photo is from the early Rhein Main aerial port days, when the port was the 439th APS. Pictured here (l. to r.) are Steve McManus, Loyd Wiley, Bob Chadeayne, Dennis (Joe) Trombly, and Noel DeCavalcante. Chadeayne, Trombly and DeCavalcante are currently on our Reunion Group list. We still don't know the whereabouts of McManus or Wiley. Thanks to Bob Chandeayne for this photo.

The old passenger service dispatch.

Lunch and study time.

Col Mills at the NCO Leadership
School Graduation.

Jack Thomas was a friend to
all and will certainly be missed.

Bruce Ostrom ...
Records and TRS

"Opel One"

Ron and Carol Griffin and Ann Ferranti


photo ... Carole Paddock Lail

At the Lorelei in 81, with my husband Dave and daughters Chelsea & Courtney in 96, and with our "surprise" baby, DJ in 2000. My, how the years have flown!



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