435aps shieldMay 27, 2017

The reunion planning continues. We look forward to seeing as many individuals as possible. Make you plans now.

435aps shieldApril 7, 2017

We're planning this year's reunion in Atlanta in hopes that Col Brewer will be able to attend (he is aware, and plans to attend, health allowing).  Anyhow, I'm hoping we'll see a good APS presence to honor all he's done to get our reunion group together.


435aps shieldJanuary 30, 2016

The following information was received from Doug Haggan:

It is my sad duty to inform you that SMSgt Gary Lensink pasted away this afternoon. You will be missed Sargent, but you will not be forgotten, you gave all of us who came in contact with you some GREAT MEMORIES. Prayers to your family, Rest In Peace SMSgt Gary Lensink.

Funeral service for (Ret.) SMSGT. Gary William Lensink, age 69 of Clarksville, will be Monday, Feb 01, 2016 at 10:00 am at the Sykes Funeral Home Chapel. Burial will follow in the KY Veterans Cemetery West at 12:00 pm. The family will receive friends on Sunday, Jan 31, 2016 from 4:00 pm to 7:00 PM at Sykes Funeral Home. Gary passed away on Wednesday, Jan 27, 2016 at Gateway Medical Center. He was born on Dec 20, 1946 in Sheboygan, WI to Gerald Lensink and Jean Lensink. He was a retired veteran from the US Air Force. In addition to his parents he is preceded in death by his son, Eric and 2 sisters, Susan and Wendy Lensink. He is survived by his Wife, Barbara Lensink of Clarksville; Son, Greg Lensink; Son, Kurt (Carrie) Lensink; Daughter, Michelle (Christopher) Bolton; Son, Kevin (Dezarae) Lensink; Grandchildren, Quentin & Gavin Lensink, Kaelin, Gabriel, Collin & Elijah Lensink, Eric & Zoe Bolton, Trinity, Chace, & Riley Lensink. Donations may be made to The Fisher House Foundation, Online condolences may be made at


435aps shieldJanuary 2, 2016

The following information is about the next planning meeting for the 2016 Reunion in Dayton, OH.

Dial-in Number:  (712) 770-4010
International Dial-in Numbers:  View List

Access Code:     926-377

Online Meeting Link:

We'll hold our SECOND planning conference call for the 2016 reunion (which will be held in Dayton, OH, Sep 28 - Oct 2, 2016) on Saturday, Jan 23 at 8:00 am (PST) (10 am CST) using a site called Free Conference Call .

We will work hard to keep this meeting to one hour only!

There is something for everyone -- whether you can help out before the reunion, or only spare a little time during the reunion.

Thanks, -- I hope 2016 is shaping up to be a great year!

Cheers!  Carole


435aps shieldSeptember 9, 2015

From CMSgt Harold "Sparky" Sparks about his wife's recent heart surgery

Some knew that my wife Juani had open heart surgery on the 25th of July to replace a defective Aortic valve.  Got her home on the 30th, with home nursing care and P.T. to get her back into home routine.
She is doing well, but has an issue with no appetite and has a weight issue:   137 after surgery to 126 this am.  
Thank you all for your prayers and positive words in her recovery.



435aps shieldJune 8, 2015

The 435th APS Directory (June 2015) is now posted in the members area.

435aps shieldNovember 10, 2014

Some shocking news from Fred Norton.  Fred has been very instrumental in setting up some of our reunions and I'm sure lots of folks will be concerned for his recovery.  Fred’s e-mail address is located below.
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, November 07, 2014 8:58 AM
Subject: Me

I had a heart attack on 18 Oct.  They put in two stents.  I was in the hospital from Saturday 18 Oct to Wednesday evening 22 Oct.  I had a chemical stress test last Friday.  I went for the results yesterday.  Now I am wearing a thing call Life Vest which is connected to a wearable defibrillator.  Since yesterday afternoon when I got it I don't get as out of breath as I was getting.  I go back in the hospital on 19 Nov to have another stent put in.  That is supposed to be just overnight in the hospital.



435aps shieldMay 14, 2014

The updated member directory is now posted in the members area.

Don Brewer

435aps shieldMarch 28, 2014

World Airways shut down on Thursday amid a failure to find financing, four months after its parent company blamed Pentagon budget cuts for a sharp squeeze in business and put the airline into bankruptcy.

World Airways was founded in 1948 and transported U.S. troops starting in 1951, when the U.S. entered the Korean conflict. The charter airline flew its last flight on Wednesday, a day after its primary creditor declared the company in default and ended financing; World laid off 325 employees on Thursday. ”A lot of people have worked hard to try to save our airline,” Eric Bergesen, World Airways’ chief operating officer, said in a news release. “Despite this regrettable outcome, I sincerely thank each of our employees for their dedication and continued support as we attempted to build a future for the company.”

World’s parent, Global Aviation Holdings, blamed the airline’s latest financial difficulties on the U.S. Air Mobility Command, the Air Force unit that transports military personnel and supplies, which canceled its 2014 contract with the company as the military adjusted to a tighter budget. That decision stripped World of $54 million in revenue, the company said in its November 2013 filing in Delaware—World’s second Chapter 11 filing within a year.


435aps shieldMarch 1, 2014

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Gerald Pato. His son Gerald sent me an email advising that his father passed away on July 20, 2013. More information will follow.

Don Brewer


435aps shieldNovember 13, 2013

World Airways

Read Article

435aps shieldNovember 7, 2013

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Mac Waddell.

Link for the Mac Waddell obituary...

Don Brewer


435aps shieldNovember 1, 2013

Doug Haggan is the administrator for a new 435th APS site on Facebook. Please visit the site and leave Doug a note.

Don Brewer


435aps shieldSeptember 17, 2013

It was wonderful to hear from Carole and to learn of her positive medical news.


From: Carole Lail
Sent: Monday, September 16, 2013 11:20 AM
Subject: Checking In

After two months of chemo, I had my surgery on Aug 5, during which they removed 1' of my colon, 50% of my liver, and my gall bladder.  Surgery went well and the docs got all four tumors, which had very clear margins (which apparently is a good indication that they had not metastasized any further) and both my surgeon and my oncologist have declared that I am cancer free (woohoo!!).  My surgeon has encouraged me to play the Lotto, as he considers me the luckiest person he knows -- he definitely didn't anticipate such a positive outcome in my case.   After a week in the hospital, I went home (well, I went to my daughter's home and let her care for me) and then on to my own home a week later.  The first month was pretty rough -- a lot of pain, but I've definitely started feeling much better in the last week or two.  My biggest challenge right now is extreme fatigue.  I expect that I'll probably be off work another 3-4 weeks, and I'll start a final four months of chemo sometime in the next couple of weeks.  I'll just be so grateful when this is all over, and I can get back to my life.

One of the happier side effects of my treatment (other than the 40 lbs I've lost and hope never to find again!) is that I'm much more conscious of the need to stop procrastinating, especially opportunities to travel and get together with friends. I have so many things that I want to do with DJ before he grows up, too -so I need to get busy!

:). Carole Lail


435aps shieldJuly 5, 2013

Connie Roddy, wife of CMS(r) Jack Roddy, passed away 1 July, 2013 due to a sudden heart condition called Takotsubo cardiomyopathy (swelling of the left ventricle). During the process of reducing the swelling through sedation, she had a cerebral hemorrhage where she never recovered.

Words cannot express our deepest sympathies to Jack and his family. Your are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.

For those wanting to send a card you can mail them to:

Jack Roddy
27378 Collasse Road
Carrsville, VA 23315

Obituary Information>>click here



435aps shieldMarch 7, 2013

Was saddened to hear of the passing of Howard Jasper. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. More information may be found in the Taps area.



435aps shield

I received the note from Carole the other day and know you would want to know and keep her in your prayes for a speedy recovery.

Carole's diagnosis:

March 7, 2013

Subject: I'm Still Here!

Well, there's just no way to break bad news except to just jump in and get it over with.

Two weeks ago I had a colonoscopy, and the doctor found a lesion he thought was cancerous.  That was confirmed via biopsy the following Monday.  On Tuesday, I went for a pre-surgery CT scan in preparation for my pre-surgery consult on Thursday.  I went to that appt thinking I would get a surgery date, they'd cut that part of my colon out and we'd be done.  However, the surgeon came in and started to explain about the three tumors that popped up in the CT scan, and that now in addition to surgery to remove 1' of my colon and 40% of my liver, I'm going to have chemo as well.  Needless to say, I was (and probably still am) in shock and frankly terrified, but beyond that, I'm hanging on to my natural optimism and belief that the doctors will take good care of me and I'll beat this.

So, I start chemo next week, and will do one day in clinic every other week, followed by two days on a perfusion pump, lasting 8 weeks.  They'll give me a month to recuperate from that, and then do the surgery.  A month after that, I'll do one additional month of chemo, and hopefully, then we're done.  I'm going to try to keep on working through the chemo, as I'm sure I'll need all my leave after the surgery is done -- but I'm trying to leave myself room to reconsider that if it turns out to be too difficult.

It's been tough to tell my kids about this, especially DJ, who at 13, believes that everyone he loves is going to die.  Our hospital chief of staff has recommended taking DJ to a counselor to help him get through this, which seems like a good idea.  Beyond that, my daughters have been wonderful, and I know they'll be a big help through all of this.  My friends at work have also been great -- willing to help however needed, including donating leave to cover if I run out.  So, all in all, I'm in a pretty good place.

I called Randy today to let him know -- he went through hell when his ex died of pancreatic cancer a couple of years ago, so I wanted to hear me sounding fairly normal and confident.  Like so many people, he will keep me in his prayers, which I'm so happy to know.

So -- if I'm out of touch (more than lately) for the next few months, that will be why.  I'm going to start a blog, as it's getting exhausting to answer all the emails I'm getting, and will send you the link so you can check if you're curious.

I guess it sounds funny after this downer email, but I hope this finds you and Jean doing well :) 



435aps shield

October 29, 2012

I am saddened to announce that Rick Wagoner, died on November 29, 2012, with his family by his side in Zephyrhills, Florida. More information may be found in the Taps area.

435APS 1979 - 1982
OIC Air Freight, OIC Pax Service,
OIC, Combat Mobility, Squadron
Operations Officer

435aps shield

October 29, 2012

(note: the full message with member names and phone numbers can be found in the password protected members area - Don)

Don Brewer
Sent: Monday, October 29, 2012 12:42 PM
To: Don Brewer
Subject: 435APS Reunion

I received the following email from Frank Whigham concerning the upcoming reunion in Branson, MO., on tap for 8 - 12 November.  We need some quick feedback from those of you who plan to attend.  There may be those who plan to attend but haven't let us know.  Time is getting very short so we need to know if you are planning to attend.   All who plan to be there please advise Frank at (email in members section or call him at 417 number in members section with the following information:

When will you arrive?
Where will you be staying?
Phone number where we can reach you at Branson?
When will you depart?
Will you need transportation?  Please specify when/where?
Do you want to accept Frank and Cindy's invitation for Saturday Lunch at their home?  (I recommend it)

Don Brewer


Responses have been lean - so at this point I'll just put forward what I have for a schedule. Also included is a list of people who have stated they'll be coming - mostly arriving on Friday with some Sat Morning. As far as everyone coming out to our house for the group meeting - when you send out your mass email - ask if that's okay with everyone. Feedback (limited) so far has been positive. Ask for phone numbers from everyone so we can contact everyone if there's changes after they arrive in Branson.

  • Sat Morning - Meet at (Grand Plaza) a local restaurant 8/9am for Breakfast and Meet/Greet
  • Sat Lunch - Suggestions welcome as to things to do during the day - IF there's a consensus - Cindy and I would love to host everyone at our house for a general meeting/lunch/brunch/get together/bull session. Point to consider is that we live about 50 minutes away from Branson. Relatively easy to get to, but still a drive. A meeting room in Branson can be reserved should there be no interest in the above.
  • Sat Evening - Attendance en masse at one of the local shows. Meals could be independent or several of the shows do provide food. Recommend "Three Redneck Tenors"
  • Sunday Morning - Open for those wishing to attend church, individual breakfast, sleep in, Vet Parade at 10AM, etc....
  • Sunday Lunch/afternoon - This may be an issue - some were able to get tickets to the "Veterans Gala" and some were not or weren't interested. We can coordinate another show for those who don't have tickets to the gala..... Open to suggestions......
  • Dinner en masse for a final get together and farewell. There is a small German Restaurant, but not sure if they're still open this late in the season. Will work on it. If no interest there, there's a great Italian place in the center of town.


People I have attending:

Full list of members attending in member section

417-(phone number in member section)



435aps shield

October 1, 2012

A Note From Fred Norton on the 2012 Reunion

Don't let no reservations at the Grand Plaza stop you from going to the APS Reunion.  I stay outside of Branson in an area called Indian Point, a little resort village on Indian Point Road which is a peninsula with Table Rock Lake on both sides of the road.  I'll be staying at The Cottage Resort.  It is at the end, or very close to the end, of the road just before the marina.  The phone number is 800-338-7228 or 417-338-2621.   If you try them you could mention my name, don't know if it will help or hinder.  Or you could try other motels/resorts on Indian Point Road that aren't as far down the road.  You turn off Hwy 76 onto Indian Point Road and it's three miles to the end where The Cottage Resort is and there are lots of other places between Hwy 76 and the end.

Here is a website link that lists all or most of the resorts on Indian Point Road.  You could try them.  There may be one problem.  Silver Dollar City, a theme park, is on Indian Point Road as soon as you turn off of Hwy 76 so the motels/resorts closest to Hwy 76 are more likely to be busy.  But just give them a try.

Also there is a town called Branson West which is on Hwy 76 just a couple of miles or so passed Indian Point Road.  I'm pretty sure there is a Best Western and Super 8 there besides some other lodging places.  So unless you really want to be right in the town of Branson itself with all the crowds and traffic there are some other possibilities.

I hope you do come to the reunion.  If you do and you stay out west of Branson somewhere there are roads to bypass a lot of the traffic in Branson.  It can be very busy on the main drag (Hwy 76) when shows are getting out and usually a lot of the shows get out at the same time.  If you attend and stay west of town, let me know what direction you'll be coming from and I can tell you how to avoid a lot of the traffic to get to where you'll be staying.  When first arriving you'll probably just want to get to your lodging destination after traveling and you'll want to avoid the traffic.  Then later when doing things you'll have to get in the traffic but if you take the Red Route or Blue Route or Yellow Route you can bypass some of the traffic to get to wherever you are going.

Fred Norton



435aps shield

August 8, 2012

reunion 2012

Updated information and links:

Link: >> PDF Flyer

Link: >> Web Page

Hope to see you at this years reunion!

435APS 1979 - 1982
OIC Air Freight, OIC Pax Service,
OIC, Combat Mobility, Squadron
Operations Officer


435aps shield

9 July 2012

The July 2012 edition of the Reunion Group Directory is now posted in the "Members Area".

Have a fun and safe summer and we hope to see you at this years reunion!

435APS 1979 - 1982
OIC Air Freight, OIC Pax Service,
OIC, Combat Mobility, Squadron
Operations Officer



435aps shield

May 23rd 2012

Hi Don:

Angie and I just got back to Dover last night, after a 2 week Germany trip.  We used the Cat B “Patriot Express” out of BWI and it actually worked well for us.  100 plus open seats in many cases out of BWI.

However, I wanted to tell you that at Ramstein, I decided to call Bob Altee, unfortunately on our last night.  Although he sounded the same, positive and upbeat, he is clearly in bad shape.  Legs are barely working and he said he can only walk a few steps, finding it difficult to even drive to Landstuhl to see his Doctor.  I guess Elly is not much better,  having just undergone some heart work.  Angie and I promised to pray for them, and I thought you might also want to let the list know.  You can forward this if you like.

Wouldn’t it be neat if someone over there could take them under their wing for a while.  Just a thought.

Jerry Emerson



435aps shield

Rhein Main on AFN

February 14, 2012

I was sent the following YouTube link. It's a product of AFN Europe. Thirty minutes and pretty well covers the history of Rhein Main. I enjoyed watching and think others would also.

Link: >> YouTube

435APS 1979 - 1982
OIC Air Freight, OIC Pax Service,
OIC, Combat Mobility, Squadron
Operations Officer



435aps shield

Jean Brewer Update:

December 5, 2011

Jean Brewer wife of Col Don Brewer had a mild stroke in Dec.  She is in the hospital and could use our prayers.

Update (4 December) from Col Brewer: Spoke to Jean this morning and she's bright and cheerful, determined she's going to beat this stroke problem.  Looks like she's beginning to regain a little control over her right side, and she works hard at regaining control of her eye movement.  She still can't stand and still has problems focusing her eyes, but it seems some of the double vision problem is going away. 

As I understand the plan right now they will keep her in the hospital until Monday, working with her to try to prevent a further episode.  On Monday she will be sent to rehab for two weeks of therapy, then will come home.

We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.  Will continue to update you if there are significant changes.


Don, please pass on to Jean that the 435 APS group is thinking of her and will include her in our prayers.

Ron Ferranti

435aps shield

Guestbook Spam Report:

November 29, 2011

Some of you have probably noticed the thousands of spam entries in our Guestbook over the past several weeks. Hopefully, by adding a user name and password before entering the guestbook, we have halted this attack. If not we will add additional steps.

You will notice on the password completion field the User Name (435aps) and Password (435aps) are shown. Simply type 435aps in the appropriate fields and gain access to the guestbook.

Season's Greetings.

Don Brewer
435APS 1979 - 1982
OIC Air Freight, OIC Pax Service,
OIC, Combat Mobility, Squadron
Operations Officer




435aps shield

Some additional sad news to report:

October 15, 2011

E. Wayne McLamb
(January 12, 1932 - October 14, 2011)
Colonel E. Wayne McLamb, USAF (retired)-Summerville

He was born on January 12, 1932 in Newton Grove, NC. He graduated from East Carolina University in 1954 and later earned a Master Degree in Human Services. He entered the US Air Force as a pilot 1955.

He married Martha Derl Lee on August 14, 1954 in Erwin, NC. During his military career he became a Command Pilot. He served in Vietnam where he earned the Bronze Star for outstanding service in armed conflicts with opposing armed forces. He served as the Director of Personnel for the Military Airlift Command. He was also Base Commander of Scott AFB near St. Louis, IL, and later at Rhein-Main AB in Frankfurt, Germany. During his tenure as Base Commander at Rhein-Main AB, in January 1981, he assisted with the return of the Iranian hostages back to the USA.

After his retirement from the military he resided in Summerville, SC.



435aps shield

September 27, 2011

The 6 September 2011 member directory is now posted in the member's area. Please check your information to make sure it is correct. If you know of anyone not listed, please have them contact me.


Don Brewer
435APS 1979 - 1982
OIC Air Freight, OIC Pax Service,
OIC, Combat Mobility, Squadron
Operations Officer


435aps shield

September 5, 2011

I took a quick survey of preferences for the 2012 reunion.  The choices were: Branson, Nashville, Memphis, or Dayton.

Branson was chosen as the location for 2012.

Frank Whigham volunteered to lead the coordination and set-up. So I've left the selection of dates and hotel up to him, but suggested Veterans Day weekend.

Carole Lail and Fred Norton have volunteered to assist Frank. My thanks to Frank, Carole and Fred for stepping up and taking on the task. Frank will be passing developing information on for posting at the website.


Don Brewer
435APS 1979 - 1982
OIC Air Freight, OIC Pax Service,
OIC, Combat Mobility, Squadron
Operations Officer

435aps shield

August 20, 2011


The 435OMS Enroute folks are having a couple events in October, and have invited
any aerial port folks who would like to attend.  Please post to the website news page.

From: Stanley Miller  
Sent: Tuesday, August 09, 2011 8:40 PM


On 1 Oct, Warner Robins (Robins AFB) Air Museum is having a C-141 Reunion Picnic.
This is for anyone having worked on the aircraft.

On 4 Oct, the 2011 Enroute Reunion will be held at Dover AFB, DE.

Any and all aerial port folks who would like to attend either of these events contact Stanley Miller at for details.


Don Brewer
435APS 1979 - 1982
OIC Air Freight, OIC Pax Service,
OIC, Combat Mobility, Squadron
Operations Officer

435aps shield

August 20, 2011

Some additional sad news to report about Margaret Gift:

To: Don Brewer
Sent: Saturday, August 20, 2011 6:38 PM
Subject: Margaret Gift

I am sad to report that Margaret Gift, Col .Ivan Gift's wife,  passed away on August 2, 2011. Just thought you might like to know. 

Kari Hutton-Beckwith


435aps shield

March 1, 2011

Some sad news to report:

Wanted to let you know that Randy's ex-wife Lori passed away from cancer on Friday, Feb. 18.  He is still very close to her daughters, and has taken it pretty hard, and might welcome the support of friends.


We send our sincere condolences to his family.

And the second sad news note:

Fellow Transporters:

Don Brewer had received information that Ike Gift had passed away and asked me to verify this.  I did and Ike passed away on 12 Nov. 2010.  Ike was my boss in the 76-77 time frame at the Aerial Port Squadron in Rhein Main.  Our thoughts and prayers goes out to his wife Margaret who lives in Yukon OK.

  • Born: March 5, 1934
  • Died: November 12, 2010
  • Location: Yukon, OK

Chuck Ulmer


Don Brewer
435APS 1979 - 1982
OIC Air Freight, OIC Pax Service,
OIC, Combat Mobility, Squadron
Operations Officer

435aps shield

January 21, 2011

I received word that Lt. Col Joachim "Joe" Giger, 79, of O’Fallon, IL, died Saturday, January 15, 2011. More information on Joe can be found in the Taps area.

We send our sincere condolences to his family.

Don Brewer
435APS 1979 - 1982
OIC Air Freight, OIC Pax Service,
OIC, Combat Mobility, Squadron
Operations Officer


435aps shield

January 14, 2011

I received word that Howard "Larry" Barrs, 67, of Dillsburg passed away Monday, December 27 after a courageous battle with cancer. Larry worked in the TMO section for several years. More information on Larry can be found in the Taps area.

We send our sincere condolences to his family.

Don Brewer
435APS 1979 - 1982
OIC Air Freight, OIC Pax Service,
OIC, Combat Mobility, Squadron
Operations Officer


435aps shield

July 6, 2010

The date for the 435th APS reunion is getting VERY close.  I'm forwarding Ray Poole's e-mail to each of you as a final reminder that you need to get your reservations in and touch base with Ray if you plan to attend the reunion.  More information is available at the website, or by contacting Ray.

We will be updating the directory at the website very soon.  Take a look after a few days to make sure we've captured your directory listing as you want it.  Let us know if we need to make changes or updates.  Would also appreciate it if you'd take a look at those members with no e-mail listed.  If you are in contact with them, please ask them to contact us with needed information.

Best Wishes to All,

Don Brewer
435APS 1979 - 1982
OIC Air Freight, OIC Pax Service,
OIC, Combat Mobility, Squadron
Operations Officer

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Ray Poole
Sent: Tue, July 6, 2010 11:35:05 AM
Subject: 2010 Reunion

Don:  I just returned from Puerto Vallarta last night and found no problems with crime there.  People at night were walking the malecon with their kids, couples and elderly folks were outside enjoying the evening. Tourist police are dressed in white with a whiye brim hat. The also patrol in white pickup trucks. This is a town whose livelihood is tourist and the locals and police take good care of them. Tourist police stop traffic downtown to let people cross the streets.  435 APS members should not have any fears about visting Puerto Vallarta during the reunion.  The Sheraton also has security and everyone visiting or staying at the hotel is checked before entering the compound.

Tropical Incentives representative Susanna and the She rat on representatives Ana and Rose Marie have helped me plan a memorable 2010 reunion. Unfortunately, I will have to reduce rooms, cancel events and release musicians if participation does not pick up.  I have also put down around $2,000 in good faith money and signed a contract guaranteeing rooms that I will have to release to reduce my commitments under the contract.     

Don, could you please have every 435 APS member notified by email that if we do not have enough participation (10 people) by July 23, 2010 (Friday), that I will have the musicians, rooms and events cancelled. We cannot expect Tropical Incentatives and Sheraton to control to put everything on hold for us.  I also appreciate the help of Carole and Don in getting the newsletters and message out to the members.  Now its time for the members to step up and deliver if they want the 2010 reunion to be in Puerto Vallarta.  I will still be going down in August and have a wonderful time.  Hope to see ya all there.

Ray Poole        


435aps shield

July 6, 2010


Worthey Brisco here.  You guys allow ground pounder type transporters to join?? 

Just came across your website this AM.  Didn’t know that Gen Mikolajcik had passed.  Bummer.

I retired in San Antonio, out of AETC Staff  in 2003, and have been working for defense contractors since.  I’m currently with a small environmental engineering firm, TEAM Integrated Engineering, helping run their program management office.

I’m looking for a retired Air Force 0-5/0-6 to head up a contract in Virginia Beach.  Will pay around $130-140K … pretty much a 40-hour week … low stress. The only “downer” (for some) is that there are no benefits.  I need them in place by JUL 15!  Can you pass the word?

Let me know if you know of anyone who might be interested.  Hope you’re doing well …



Worthey O. Brisco, PMP
Program Management Office Director
TEAM Integrated Engineering, Inc.
Direct: (210) 366-7063  
Main:   (210) 341-4316 | Fax:    (210) 341-1049


435aps shield

April 29, 2010



Brig. Gen. Thomas R. Mikolajcik Passes Away

Former 437 AW commander remembered

Brig. Gen. Thomas R. Mikolajcik, former commander of the 437th Airlift Wing, passed away April 17, 2010, at home in Mt. Pleasant, S.C., at the age of 63 after battling
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease. General Mikolajcik was commander of the 437th Airlift Wing here from July 1991 to June 1994.

General Mikolajcik, born Aug. 17, 1946, in Norwich, CT, graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1969.  He completed pilot training in 1970, and eventually became a command pilot with over 4,000 hours in C-141, C-9, C-130 and C-17 aircraft. He served as an instructor pilot, aircraft commander, war plans officer, current  operations officer, mobility project officer, and adviser to the chief of staff for
airlift and logistics policy.  He held several staff positions, and served as squadron commander, wing vice commander and commander of two wings.

General Mikolajcik was the U.S. Air Force component commander in Somalia from December 1992 to March 1993 during Operation Restore Hope while he served as the 437th Airlift Wing Commander.  He helped activate the first squadron of C-17s, the Air Force’s newest generation of aircraft, while in command here.  The first operational
C-17 was delivered in June, 1993.  He was the recipient of numerous military awards and decorations including the Legion of Merit with two oak leaf clusters, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal and the Meritorious Service Medal with three oak leaf clusters.  The general retired from the Air Force in 1996 after serving 27 years.

After retirement, General Mikolajcik remained an advocate for the military and became a key community leader and advisor.  He was military advisor to the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce until he was diagnosed with ALS in 2003.  Following his diagnosis, he became an advocate of victims of the disease especially veterans who show greater risk of contracting the disease. He tirelessly pushed for ALS research and testified before a congressional committee in July 2007.  His efforts were instrumental in the US Department of Veterans’ Affairs decision to grant service-connected disability benefits to all veterans with ALS.  He also played a key role in establishing the South Carolina ALS Foundation and ALS clinic at the Medical University of South Carolina.

“Throughout his life in the Air Force and in the community, he was a leader who others looked up to and the strength and courage he showed at the end of his life deeply touched everyone around him,” said Col. Martha Meeker, commander of Joint Base Charleston.

The General Thomas R. Mikolajcik Day Care Center was dedicated in his name in Aug., 2007, and a groundbreaking ceremony was held on Feb. 13, 2009 to start construction of the $9.8M center.  “While he is no longer with us, every time one of our Airmen takes their child to the General Mikolajcik Day Care Center, he will be remembered,” said Colonel Meeker. “And every time a Veteran suffering from ALS receives VA care, he will be thanked.”

General Mikolajcik will forever be remembered by AMC, the Air Force, and the nation as a great Airman, warrior and leader. His extraordinary legacy will continue to live on for years to come.

Funeral arrangements will be provided by McAllister-Smith Funeral Home, Mt. Pleasant, S.C. The Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Charleston, SC on Saturday, April 24, 2010.

Note: July 1989 - July 1991, vice commander, then commander, 435th Tactical Airlift Wing, Rhein-Main Air Base, West Germany


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March 29, 2010

I really appreciate the hard work being done for this years reunion. Thank you Ray and

The first 2010 reunion newsletter is ready and can be found here.



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March 13, 2010

The March 2010 member roster is posted in the members area.



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January 31, 2010

Interesting article and pictures sent in by Dave Ouellette from March of 1977 or 1978.

Thanks Dave!

435th Aerial Port moves the Masses



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November 11, 2009

The Reunion pictures received from Carole Lail are now posted in the reunion area.

10-12-09 Reunion Itinerary



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28 Oct 2009


Need help to fill this position in Spain - ASAP:

Air Transportation Supervisor (Mandatory, AN).  The Air Transportation Supervisor meets the qualifications of AFSC 2T271 as outlined in AFM 36-2108, or equivalent.  Is knowledgeable of all USAF airlift aircraft to include technical aspects of fleet servicing as well as supervision.  Is proficient in servicing latrines and trash removal from the aircraft.  Has current certification in handling, downloading/loading aircraft and over the road movement of hazardous cargo, including munitions.  Experience:  One year experience in servicing airlift aircraft with the LST (Lavatory Servicing Truck) and one year supervising the function.  Possess three years experience in handling hazardous material, munitions and special handling cargo on and off aircraft as well as over the road movement.  Possesses a driver’s license IAW Host Nation laws, applicable AFIs, or requirements stipulated in the SOFA.

Thanks in advance,

Rogelio Yalung, Ctr, 496 ABS/LGT
AFS Chief of Transportation/Deputy PM
Moron AB, Spain
DSN: 722-8225
Comm: 34-955-848-225
Cell:  34-687-416-563


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From: []
Sent: Sunday, October 18, 2009 7:19 AM
Subject: Bahrain Air Freight Supervisor (WS9) opening

Aerial Porters,
Hope life is treating you all well.  If you know of a good 2T2 living in the
civilian world or transitioning that would be interested in working out here
in Bahrain, here ya go.

I have an Air Freight Terminal Supervisor position opening up really soon.
The encumbant is due to rotate out the first week in Jan 2010. 

This is a WS9 position that supervises no US civilians and 32 TCNs.
Primary responsibility is to manage the cargo processing operation.
Must have good people skills and be willing to work with a diverse
workforce.  (Bahraini, Saudi, Indian, Pakistani, and Phillipino).  (don't
want any jihads started while I'm here)
Normal supervisor stuff...schedules, write performance plans, feedbacks,
appraisals, and award pkgs.
Must be strong in load planning, cargo processing and special handling
Will be helpful to be familiar with AFCENT airlift channels and how
JMR/ITARS are processed.
Performs duties as the COR on the Middle East Landbridge operations between
BAH and UAE.
Willing to learn how to speak Navy.  (I have a dictionary of terms.)
Up to 10% travel may be required within AOR as need to support forward site
training or setup.
Must be able to obtain a Secret clearance and Official Passport. 

Salary for this position comes out to around $28-31/hour plus around
$30-40K/year in non-taxable o/s compensation on top of base salary for
housing and misc entitlements.  This is now an "Accompanied" tour however
quotas per unit are very limited.  To get the UnAccompanied tour, the
individual applying must justify why they can't bring their dependants
(ie...spouse's career, children in school etc.) to be authorized Separate
Maintence Allowance.  Also note, DODDs has just opened the school, however
spaces are limited and there is no EFMP allowed. Acc tour is 36 mo, unAcc
tour is 18 mo. Individuals can also ship a vehicle.  All rental units come
fully furnished including TVs, dishes, bedding etc.

The ad will be posted on the DON site at soon
as HRO can process it.
So if you know anyone that would be a good candidate, tell them to go out
there and build their profile and send me an email so I can notify all
potentials of the posting date and listing number.

Hope to some of you all at the ATC in a few weeks.

Deputy Air Logistics Officer
Navy/AMC Terminal Bahrain
dsn: 318-439-9527
comm: 011-973-1785-9527
Mob: 011-973-3918-1597


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October 13, 2009

The Reunion Itinerary can be found by clicking on the link below:

10-12-09 Reunion Itinerary



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October 8, 2009

The newest Reunion Newsletter is posted in the reunion area or click here.


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September 1, 2009

The newest Reunion Group Directory (8-18-09) is now posted in the members area. Let me know if you have any changes or know of someone who is not on the roster.


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August 09, 2009


Hi – For those individuals we were unable to reach with our most recent Aerial Port Reunion newsletter, and thought that you might have a filter that blocks emails with a lot of graphics.  Just in case, here is the information about our upcoming reunion – we hope that you’ll be able to join us in Tacoma November 6-8, 2009.  Here is the latest information:


ABOUT THE REUNION: Our reunion team is hard at work preparing for this year’s Red Hat Reunion in Tacoma WA.  Arrivals will begin on Thursday, Nov 5, with planned activities scheduled to kick-off at lunch on Nov 6 at the Collocated Club on McChord AFB.  Following lunch, we’ll tour McChord. 

Friday night will find us at our hotel, the Courtyard Marriott in Tacoma, for the Reunion Icebreaker.  We’ll have a chance to catch up with old friends and make new friends in the comfort of one of the newest and nicest hotels in the Northwest.  Within walking distance of most of Tacoma’s sights and destinations, the Marriott has already established a solid reputation for quality, service, and hospitality.  Nearby, you’ll enjoy the Thea Foss Waterway, the internationally known Museum of Glass, and some of the Northwest’s best night-life.

Saturday will find us in a tour bus on our way to Leavenworth, WA — a little slice of Bavaria nestled in the mountains of eastern Washington.  After lunch on our own and some great shopping, we’ll gather at Andreas Keller for our grand Celebration Dinner.  Great German food and music (and beer and wine) plus the company of our friends will make for a great evening.

Sunday we’ll make our way to the Boeing Museum of Flight, followed by a visit to Seattle’s Pike Street Market.  You’ll find anything you can imagine at this century-old public market.  We’ll end the day with dinner on the waterfront — a beautiful location to bring our reunion to an end.

SPECIAL REUNION RATES:  The Courtyard Marriot in Tacoma has offered reunion attendees a special discounted rate for the 2009 reunion.  As part of the 435 APS Reunion Group, you may reserve your room(s) at $118 + tax (reduced from the regular rate of $219) 

For lodging information or to make reservations, go to
or call 253-591-9101
Ask for reservations under “435 APS Reunion” to access the special rate.  

REUNION STORE:  Let people know that you’re a proud member of the 435 APS Reunion Group — it’s easy to do when you shop at the Reunion Store!  Whether your style is sweat shirts or golf shirts, or maybe a nice beer stein — it’s all available on the reunion site, and at very reasonable prices.  All items will feature the 2009 reunion logo; and a small portion of the price will be applied to this year’s reunion expenses.  If you’d prefer an item with logos from other reunions or more general reunion group images, go to to find apparel and gift items with different logos.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in November.  Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions.

Carole (Ridgeway/Paddock) Lail
Rhein Main 1979 – 1984
Pax/TRS/Ramp/Air Freight Admin

Link to Newsletter PDF

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June 25, 2009

I found some pics from back in 1986-1989.
Hopefully, it's not to many to be posted on the website. Thank you.

A (Pengboonsom) Johnson

Thanks ... the pictures are now available for viewing in the pictures area.
5 July 2009



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May 25, 2009


Don Brewer

Col Jim Windham may have something of interest to our ST club.   Sending cheerfullty.   Sandy

Hi Sandy,

First, I want to thank you for the ST every week.  It provides all transporters with connections to each other.  I have found many old buddies through your ST. Thanks
My other purpose for this email is to ask you to put the below General Dynamics want ad out to all your members.  I sure there are good transporters out there that would be interested in this job.  I am officially retired from the company but still work on call about 30 hours a month.  I have worked with this group of people on CMOS since 1933 under various company names. I think you may know Ron Lacour from USAF days, he is the overall manager responsible for the filling these positions.  The work is interesting and the positions directly influence the what the troops in the field receive in quality software to do there job in transportation units. The job is in Montgomery, Alabama and the office is just outside Gunter AFB in an industrial park. In fact we share a building with FEDEX.  We are trying to fill these positions ASAP. 

Also please add Ron Lacour to the ST mailing list.

Thanks Sandy for you interest in all of us.

Jim Windham
74 Dogwood Meadows Ln
Wetumpka AL, 36093

Email: or

Phone:  H:  334-567-6737 / Cell:  334-201-9107

Job Description:

General Dynamics Information Technology in Montgomery, AL is looking for two full time Senior Functional Transportation Analysts to support the Air Force Cargo Movement Operations Systems (CMOS) project. These analysts will define customer requirements from User Groups and field visits. Will translate those requirements into program specifications and work with other functional and technical personnel in their implementation.

Will aid in preparation of the Users Documentation, perform unit and integration testing of the completed products. Will train users of the system either in a classroom or on site and will serve as the functional representative during CMOS development activities. Will also represents GDIT at various professional and technical meetings and conferences.
Contact Ron Lacour at / phone 334-322-6996 or Sandy Thrasher at / phone 334-260-3329



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May 25, 2009


Don Brewer

----- Original Message -----
From: Don Sanders
Sent: Monday, May 25, 2009 12:59 AM
Subject: Fw: ST36


My pal, Carl Burton may have some news that is of interest: 

I will just quote: 

Don, I am working part time as a consultant for a large military logistics contractor (they don’t want their name out yet before they get a chance to bid on the contract) and I am working on a proposal to do some transportation work in Kuwait.  If my company gets the contract it will probably not start before the first quarter of FY 2010.  You have a very large audience of expert transporters and I was hoping you could let your audience know that I am looking for resumes now for key people so my company can include them in their proposal.  If you don’t think this would fit into what you are doing in ST, I will certainly understand but here is the info I can pass on at this time. Please send me your resume for key positions in the following work centers for multiple locations in Kuwait.  This contract is still in the proposal stage so if this company gets the contract the work probably will not start before the first quarter of FY 2010.  The company would like to tentatively lock in key personnel and use their resume to accompany the proposal.  Of course if you don’t get the right deal or just change your mind you can always say “no” if/when you get the offer. The proposed work hours are 8 hrs per day 6 days per week except Passenger Movement which is 24/7. Installation Transportation Officer (ITO) (Responsible for all work centers below) Passenger Movement, Cargo Movement, Personal property, Transportation Motor Pool Operations Thanks either way! Carl Burton H: 615-274-2265 M: 615-971-1879 (



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April 2, 2009

It's time again to mark your calendar for the 435 APS reunion ... Carole is working out the details and has prepared a PDF for download. >> Download PDF


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March 2, 2009

It's official, DD-214's are NOW Online. >> Read More


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March 1, 2009

An update on Charlie Erwin, sent to Sandy by CMSgt Richard Friesz (Ret), whom many may know.  Seems Richard is also ailing.


----- Original Message -----
From: Don Sanders

My good friend Richard Friesz, spoke with my good Friend Charles Erwin and he provies us an update.  God's speed to both.  


Good afternoon to you My Dear Friend - Thank you for the info on Charlie - I just got off the phone with him and he is doing as well as can be expected, they had to remove the upper lobe of the lung, but he does not have any definitive information yet, he goes back to the doctor next week - He ask me to ask you if you would pass the word that he will not be on the computer for the next few weeks, but to let the all the Transporters know that he is holding his own -
     I want to thank you and Ingrid for the beautiful card and note, that was very thoughtful of you, as you always are - I am doing better, still problems with my balance and am more tired than I usually am - I have an appointment with the heart doctor next week -
      Charlie said that so many of us are now of the age that health issues become more prevalent, but we just have to roll with the punches and enjoy every day that we are blessed with -

                                  Love Yah Ole Buddy, Dick


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February 20, 2009

I received this note from Don Sanders:

Bob Sherrill, just wrote me that this last Monday Charlie Erwin underwent surgery. Due to Cancer, a part of his left lung was removed. The good news is that he is at home and being pampered to death by Aggie. He is doing well but not able to read e-mails at this time.

Signed: Sandy

Don Brewer


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February 17, 2009

Don, I am hoping to get a little help from you.  I am searching for a retired Air Force person that has a lot of Multimedia and IT experience to lead a large group (up to 300 people) Multimedia and IT people in a NASA environment.  I have included some further information of the position below.  My customer is a relatively small company that supports NASA on many fronts.  They would ideally like someone to be based in Houston, TX or Cleveland, OH.

Program Manager Profile

Ideal Characteristics:

The ideal candidate has strong management experience relative to facilitating change management, collaboration, teamwork, and delivering customer satisfaction.  The PM must have the ability to manage diverse teams providing a wide range of institutional or enterprise services including IT, communications and public affairs, outreach and multimedia, as well as tele-video functional support.  Services are directed to benefit organizations supporting NASA mission success including engineering and mission operations.

A candidate with experience in mission operations is preferable.  The candidate must have the ability to communicate a vision and motivate others to accomplish the organization's mission. Facilitates a vision of transformational change and effectively communicate the role of the NASA Agency, Center and organizational CIO roles.

Certifications in the following areas are desirable:

Program Management Professional (PMP)
Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
Federated Enterprise Architecture Certification (FEAC)

USAF background and experience is desirable.

Program managers are customer focused; working to ensure that the services and products delivered through the contract delights the clients and enables them to do their best. Program management is also an opportunity to flex creative and innovative muscles: innovative technical decisions and direction are what drives efficiencies and effectiveness in the support environment.

CIO’s reorganization is the first step towards an evolution. Through the reorganized organizational structure, day-to-day operations are now transforming to meet the needs of the new organization. The new organization has identified the following drivers which facilitate an organization that integrates people, information, and technology while aligning with the NASA IT Strategic Initiative and the new Center IT Governance, resulting in enabling the NASA missions:

1)     Achieves functional alignment with NASA HQ/OCIO Initiatives (portfolio mgmt.)
2)     Facilitates the use of the IT Governance Model
3)     Provides for improved operational efficiencies that better enable the Missions
4)     Emphasizes a stronger customer focus on CIO products and services
5)     Provides improved management and integration of projects across CIO
6)     Provides for CIO services with agility and flexibility
7)     Provides for improved visibility and focus on IT Security
8)     Address some Sr. Staff feedback concerns


If you happen to know someone or could send this out to an Air Force network, I would greatly appreciate it. 

Best regards,



Chad Leathers                                    
Managing Director                                                            
TECH USA                                             

Office:         256-665-9061
Cell:            256-656-6370
Fax:             256-665-9071

TECH USAis a forward-looking, growing, consulting resource company dedicated to excellence in performance. We provide our business partners with the highest quality, most responsive research, engineering and technical services available in today’s complex business environment.
"Only a handful of companies understand that all successful business operations come down to three basic principles: PEOPLE, PRODUCT & PROFIT. Without top people, you cannot do much with the other two" - Malcolm Forbes


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January 25, 2009

I received word of the passing of Al Waymon this past September. Al worked in export freight and ATOC for several years. More information on Al can be found in the Taps area.

Don Brewer


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January 9, 2009

The latest updates are in and the new member directory is now posted in the member's area.

Don Brewer

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December 9, 2008

Click on the link below for the recap of this year’s 435 APS reunion in San Antonio TX.  We had a wonderful time, and hope we’ll see you at a future reunion.  If you are unable to open the PDF document, please let me know.

>> Recap PDF

Carole Lail

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December 5, 2008

Here are the folks who's email bounced.  Can you help us out getting good addresses for any of them? PDF Listing



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Sent: Thursday, October 09, 2008 4:55 PM
Subject: Request for Help - Phu Cat 1968

All.  I have a friend, Eddie Sellers, who needs our help in documenting an injury that he sustained during an attack at Phu Cat where he ran into a steel rod sticking out of the ground. He recently has had the leg amputated below the knee and needs to hear from any who can substantiate this incident to support his VA claim.  Unfortunately his medical records from 1967 to 1970 cannot be located. 

1.  Who:  SSgt Eddie Lee Sellers, Air Transportation Supervisor, 6th Aerial Port Sq

2.  What:  Ran into a steel rod sticking out of the ground during an attack.  The rod did not go all the way through, but in far enough to where he was hung up for awhile.  Army or Special Forces Medic patched him up.

3.  When:  February 1968 time frame.

4.  Where:  Phu Cat, Vietnam (He was on TDY from Don Mouang, Thailand)

5.  Co-workers/supervisors:  Walter C. Schumacher, Bobby E. Brown, Tomas Gebicke, and Charles Lustig.

If you know any of the above former USAF personnel or anyone who might be able to substantiate the incident please have them contact Eddie Sellers at:

Many thanks.     Ron Dandeneau 



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9 October 2008

Fellow Transporters, got this from Jeff Link this morning.  Although he was not a Rhein Main aerial porter,  I'm pretty sure some of our reunion group knew Col. Ron Drake since his influence touched many of us. 

Don Brewer


Dear friends, I just received this note from Ann Drake tonight:


This morning at 330 I received a call from the hospital.  Ron's breathing was very labored.  His vocal chords were paralyzed.  According to Ron's wishes our children and I decided that no more invasive measures would be taken to increase his life in the non-wakeful state it has been for the last 16 days.  Tonight at 8:30, he peacefully passed away.

I am sorry to let you know about Ron.  Please pass this info on to the Transportation folks.  Also, feel free to give them our email address and home address.  We would like the funeral to include thoughts from old friends and great memories of Ron.  We will try to incorporate all of them that we can.


Please share your memories and condolences with Ann and family at the following addresses:

645 Rainbow Place
Escondido CA 92027




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8 October 2008

A new reunion store up and running at Café Press (this one is in addition to the original store from 2006).   The 2008 APS store has items marked particularly for this year’s reunion; the 435APS store has more generic items for members. 

  The original store is at:

The new store is at:


Carole Lail


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5 October, 2008

The October 2008 Newsletter - Issue 2 has been published and can be read here.

Carole Lail



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17 September 2008

The September 2008 Newsletter - Issue 2 has been published and can be read here.

Carole Lail



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3 September 2008

The September 2008 Newsletter has been published and can be read here.

Carole Lail


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14 August 2008

From: Dasinger, Billy
To: Don Brewer
Sent: Friday, August 22, 2008 10:27 AM
Subject: What remains at Rhein-Main?

Good Morning,
Thought you may want to send this out to your email list.....  This is all that remains of Rhein-Main at the moment.

As of June 2008 the only remaining buildings are:
(Main Base)

  • Bldg: 692 - The old base hotel near the front gate (now owned by the Steigenburger Hotel Group and called the Esprix)
  • Bldg: 30 - Former Zeppelin Command building, which will remain as its a protected building
  • Bldg: 140 - Former Dorms, now office buildings
  • Bldg: 125 - Officers Club, now used for catering and other special events by LSG SkyChefs
  • Bldg: 259 - Sewage Treatment Plant. Has since been Upgraded and greatly expanded
  • Bldg: 549 - Hangar, now used by Lufthansa Technicians
  • Fuel Depot - Updated and Expanded
  • Gym - Still a Gym, but now for the exclusive use of Fraport (Frankfurt Airport) employees

(Gate Way Gardens) Only 3 Buildings Remain. 1 star (608), 1 straight (Unknown), and the back gate guard house. All others were demolished to make room for a new office park and the new kitchen/depot for the LSG SkyChefs catering company, which commenced active service at the end of May 2008.

Air University Military Airlift Validator

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14 August 2008

22 August Reunion Group Directory is available in the Member's Area.



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14 August 2008

Hi Don, we have a reunion updae to pass on. Thanks Paul and Alan.

We're looking foward to seeing everyone at this year's reunion, in San Antonio.

Alan has planned a golf outing for 1 Nov., at the course on Randolph AFB. If you wish to  participate please RSVP to, (paulerlewein @ Alan needs the info to schedule tee times etc.

We have also planned a group dinner Sunday, 2 Nov. 6-8pm in the Rio Room, Casa Rio Resturant. Casa Rio is an original at the Riverwalk, the Rio Room holds 20 - 48 people and overlooks the Riverwalk. We have the room for two hours, 20 person minimum.

The planned meal is a Deluxe Mexican Dinner, (Guacamole Salad, Beef Taco, Tamale, Cheese Enchilada, Chili con Carne, Mexican Rice, Refried Beans), cost is $17.50 per person. All dinners include homade tostadas (chips), hot sauce, flour tortillas, ice tea, tax, and gratuity (on food). Cash bar service in the room can be arranged.

We need confirmations to keep this contract and finalize all arrangements. Please RSVP to (paulerlewein @

Don't forget to visit the members area and click on to the hotel link to make you reservations.

The weather will be great, RAFB has a nice course, and the Rio Room is very nice. Looking forward to seeing y'all.

Paul Erlewein and Alan Murry McDonald


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4 August 2008

I received a photo recently showing Frankfurt International from the air.   The old RM AB is on the near side of the base in the photo, and most of it is gone as of that date.  I recognize the base hotel  and 44l, but not much else.  The pax terminal, outbound freight, cargo grid, etc., are gone.  The photo is copyright protected.

Rhein Main Today Photo



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With sadness I must pass on an e-mail from Carole Lail on the passing of her husband.  Most of us didn't know Dave but do know Carole, one of our long time faithful members. Our prayers go out to Carole and her family.


----- Original Message -----
From: Carole Lail
To: Don Brewer
Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2008 10:08 AM
Subject: Sad News

Hi – I hate to write with bad news, but I’m sad to tell you that my husband, Dave, died suddenly last Tuesday at home at the age of 52.  I had just started a new job with VA, and was in Seattle all day at orientation.  When I called home, my son DJ answered and told me that Daddy had been in bed asleep all day, and he couldn’t wake him.  When I got home, I found him in our bed, and the medical examiner said he’d probably died early in the morning.  It was later determined that he had coronary artery disease, which we were unaware of. .........



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10 April 2008

A Note from Carroll Dickson:

Please help me find the right person. Employment Information (job opening) is Posted in the Member's Area.



435aps shield

2 April 2008

I received a note from Paul Erlewein with the direct link for the Reunion 2008 hotel reservations. Data can be found in the Members Area.


435aps shield


14 March 2008

I received a note from Bob Chadeayne's daughter, Diana.   She wrote, "I'm sorry to tell you that Dad passed away on February 29th.  He had been ill for over a month and just couldn't regain his health.  He was buried at Arlington National Cemetary". More information about Bob can be found in the Taps area.



2 March 2008

Reunion 2008 Information is now available. The dates are Oct. 31 to Nov. 3 and the location is San Antonio, Texas. Hotel and other information provided in the Members Area.

28 February 2008

The member's roster has been updated and can be found in the member's area.



8 February 2008

I have been talking via email with Sara Toener of the Dayton/Montgomery County Convention and Visitors Bureau.  She is urging that we select Dayton, Ohio as a reunion destination in the future.  Sounds like a good idea.  Hopefully we'll get some feedback on the idea.


Sara's Note:

I'm mailing you a packet with general Dayton attraction info...other attractions of interest, shopping opportunities to interest the ladies, our international airport, etc. etc. But what I'm sure you're most interested in is info on the National Museum of the USAF -- I've sent an email to Jane Leach, asking her to pop a packet in the mail to you. As you can imagine, the AF Museum will extend full honors to your group during your stay...

I'll make note to touch base with you in August, just before your September reunion, assuming that future reunions will be in discussion at that time.

Take care, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Dayton will be selected!!

Sara :)



2 January 2008

It is with sadness that I have to announce the loss of another true Transporter!! Our prayers and thoughts are with the family. More information is available in the Taps section.

Don Brewer


20 October 2007

The 2007 reunion is history. We gathered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on Friday, September 21. The reunion was organized and hosted by Kristen Collett and Joe Berardino, and we thank them for their hard work and keeping us on track for a wonderful reunion. >> Read the full article here.

Pictures can be found in the reunion area.

Don Brewer


12 June 2007

Reunion Information and Employment information has been added in the member section. The reunion preparation is in full swing and now is the time to start marking your calendar for Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Don Brewer


8 June 2007

Wanted - 435th Wing patch from Rhein Main, in full color.  Will pay reasonable cost.  If you have one you're willing to sell or donate, please contact Stan Miller at

Don Brewer


25 May 2007

A retirement celebration for SMSgt Gregory Theroux is scheduled 19 June 2007. Please click here for additional information.

Don Brewer

15 May 2007

A new member roster and updated listing of those members dropped from the current list due to outdated e-mail data is located in the members area.

Don Brewer

09 May 2007

Pictures from Dan Engstrom are now posted in the 2006 reunion area.


2 May 2007

The reunion is scheduled for Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and Joe Barardino and Cristen Collette are doing the organizing and coordination. 

The dates are 21-24 September 2007. 

They are working on hotel rental car rates, etc., and will be adding information to the website as it is developed. >> see member area for additional information

Don Brewer



2 May 2007

Job Opportunity: Steve Cloutier is looking for motivated personnel with cargo and pax backgrounds who are knowledgeable in GATES, GDSS, GTN, C2IPS, SMS and who have a MAPPER "get the job done" mentality.  Positions are CONUS (NC,CA,VA,DC),Baghdad, Afghanistan and Qatar. POC information located in the member's section.

Don Brewer 

28 April 2007

I Received this short email from Ray Pool.  Knowing his Rhein Main friends will be interested, I've taken the liberty of posting it for all to read.

Don Brewer

Subject: Transplant

The date for the kidney transplant has been changed back today for May 8th at 7:30 AM at MAYO Hospital.

Thanks for everyone’s support.



8 April 2007

"Frank B. Gilley, Program Manager for Logistics2020, Inc. is looking for some transporters looking for employment. Information is available in the Member Area.

Don Brewer

3 March 2007

"Member Roster" and "Searching For" lists are updated and available to view or download in the members area.

Don Brewer

24 February 2007

Pictures from Steve Smith added to the pictures area.


20 February 2007

It's once again time to consider reunion plans. Please check in the "Reunion" area for additional information.


Rhein Main AB


15 February 2007

Hello Don

I've swapped some e-mails with you before... Well I dug into my archives and came up with this "gem."

When I was stationed at Rhein Main I worked in the PAX terminal as an Air Passenger Specialist which really wasn't my 1st love! So I started getting to know Sharon Bertschi. I believe that she was running the PR marketing side of MWR on the base.

I use to do photography for her and she asked me to lend a hand with a "welcome video" she was putting together. I had a bit of experience with sound recording and mixing and was willing to work for FREE so, I got the job!

Now that I watch this video it is CHEESY !!!!! Oh well it was a great experience!

I hope you can (put) out this on your server for others to enjoy!

If you want any more info, I might be able to answer your questions.

Steve Smith
Rhein Main Passenger Terminal 85-86

(Thanks Steve for the Welcome the Rhein Main Video ... video Windows Media Video or Quick Time Movie . It takes a few minutes to load but is well worth the wait.


4 January 2007

Went to your site from Stan Millers site.
We were in the 435th OMS.
We would like to invite your people to Branson for our oms reunion as we all worked so close together getting everything in and out of R/M(sad to see the best airbase in the world get closed)
Anyway, if you would pass this along to your members I would appreciate it.
I would also list any of your reunions on our site as well as a link from my site toy your site if you would add mine to yours.
Our reunion is Sept 27-30 in Branson, MO
The more the better, so please feel free to join the fun.
Thank you,
John(Bruno)Potter Sr
435th OMS
Rhein Main


15 December 2006

I received an email from Mancel Fincher announcing MSgt John Bibleheimer passed away December 12, 2006. See the TAPS section for more information.

Don Brewer

5 December 2006

Gateway Gardens pictures from Celeste Warner Heymann. She wrote "Dear friends, that ist the rest of Gateway Gardens. my heart hurts to see it, but are the tulips not beautiful, and that in November? Take good care and have a good day, love Celeste"

Gateway Gardens

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4 December 2006
Pictures are now posted from the 2006 reunion in Branson.


24 August 2006
The Smith's



This picture was taken on the flight line of Rhein Main Air Base next to Hangar 35, immediately after the closing ceremony, October 2004. Dallas and Erna Smith (The Happy Welder from the 435th APS since Sept. 1979 to  April 2004 ) ... More pictures to follow from Dallas and Erna. Check back soon!





22 August 2006

We continue to look for former members of the 435th APS. Please follow this link to view the latest group of individuals we are looking for.

Don Brewer



reunion store

16 July 2006

Carole Lail has opened the 435th APS Reunion Group Store. Simply click on the store image above to view the merchandise.



25 January 2006

Additional articles on the Base closure can be found in the Member's Section.
video Base Closing



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