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Col. Robert D. Springer greets President Carter

Judy Heinemann, Robyn Davey and Chick Davey ride the LONG escalator on the CNN tour.




Wayne Taylor and Claudia Kirkman on the escalator to the top of the CNN Center.




l. to r., Paul Gibbons, Ron Fowler, Keith Heinamann, Charlie Brown, and Wayne Taylor. This is in the foyer of Judy Smith and Hank Brinkmans lovely home. In addition to providing a wonderful evening at their home, Judy spent a great deal of time and several trips around Atlanta helping select and arrange hotel space for the reunion. Without her help it would not have been as wonderful. Thanks again, Judy!



Judy and Hank not only made their beautiful home available for a gathering, but served a wonderful dinner of ribs and chicken. No one went away hungry! After dinner we sat and talked for a couple hours. To a pair of perfect hosts, thanks Judy and Hank!




Chick and Robyn Davey, Judy Smith, and Keith and Judy Heinemann trade stories about Rhein Main.





Rhein Main Passenger Terminal