Col. Robert D. Springer greets President CarterWe had the 2000 reunion in Atlanta, Georgia. On Friday evening we gathered, socialized, and had dinner. On Saturday we went to Grant Park and to the CNN Center in downtown Atlanta. Saturday night Judy Smith and Hank Brinkman hosted a dinner party at their beautiful home outside Atlanta. The Cyclorama is the backdrop for this photo of (front row, l. to r., Claudia Kirkman, Robyn Davey, and Judy Heinemann. Second Row, Wayne Taylor, Chick Davey, and Jean Brewer. Third Row, Don Brewer and Keith Heinemann. Back Row, Ron Fowler.



We invaded the McDonalds at Grant Park for breakfast. Ron Fowler brought a large quantity of fresh out of the oven Krispy Kreme donuts and we all pigged out. Here we have Wayne Taylor, Chick Davey, Don Brewer, and Keith Heinemann.




Claudia Kirkman and Judy Heinemann enjoying coffee and donuts at McDonalds.





Don Brewer and Ron Fowler eye the last two donuts. We owe Ron a big thank you for providing the donuts. He went to the donut factory, ordered fresh donuts, and waited until they cooked them. They were still hot when he arrived on scene with them. Thanks Ron!!



Robyn Davey, Judy Heinemann, Chick Davey and Wayne Taylor eye the last few donuts. But Keith Heinemann was watching everything to make sure the last one went to the right person. Wonder who that could have been??





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