Robert Watson

My Dad was Robert Watson. He retired in 1989 and passed away in 1991 of ALS.

We lived in Germany from 80-83( I believe) trying to count back.   We did not live on base but out in Neiderroden (not sure on the spelling)  I loved living over there and hoped to go back someday.  I just happened to be looking info up on the internet and found that the base actually closed this past year.  How sad....I remember the air shows, company picnics, softball games, and all the friends we made while living there.  It was a different kinda of military living compared to living on a military base on the states.  I think maybe because family was so far away we made the military we lived with our family.   I feel lucky to have experienced living in Germany and still remember all of the school field trips, family trips and people we met. Especially living off of the base.

The website is awesome...even though I was only a kid when we lived there the picture of the base gate was very familiar site.

I read quite of few of the entries, seems a lot of people loved the base.

Melissa Googins