Rhein Main - October 1985
Pictures from Steve Smith

Frankfurt building
Downtown Frankfurt

A Summer Walk

Frankfurt Main Train Station
The Rail Road Station in Frankfurt

Frankfurt Music Man
The Music Man

Rhein Main Air Base - Gateway to Europe Main Gate

Airlift Memorial Rhein Main AB
Berlin Airlift Memorial - Rhein Main AB

Airlift Monument
Monument Close Up

Rhein Main Passenger Terminal
Aircraft at Pax Gate (World DC-10)

Rhein Main AB Passenger Terminal
Rhein Main AB Passenger Terminal - Main Enterance

Rhein Main Picture takers
Can't travel without a camera and someone to snap the right shot!

PR Office
PR Office

German Taxi - Rhein Main to Frankfurt
German Taxi

The Post Office.

Base Clinic 1985

Remodel of the base Theater 1985 with the AMEX Bank is in the foreground.

TRS counter where I worked my supervisor Sgt Gary Gum "at the counter"
I believe the guy at the desk was there checking ID's after we had a
terrorist bombing on base...
I remember that one waking me up!.

The Zeppelin Inn "Chow Hall"

Thanks Steve

Posted 24 February 2007 and February 2012