Rhein Main AB
in the 60's

Don Wrote:

It's amazing the thing you find when you go through old boxes. These photos were taken in either 1967 or 1968 (obviously during the winter) and were part of the submission for a new terminal. This is the first part with more photos to follow.

Don McArthur
MSgt (Ret'd)
439th APS / 630th MASS - 1966-1969
Msgt. Ret.


Thanks Don



Here is a photo of an RB-57 passing between the freight and tower building on it's way to the runway.

Also a C-124 at the Autobahn end of the ramp doing an engine runup.



If you look at the aerial view of the freight terminal you will not a lack of freight handling equipment.
You can see 3 25K (463L) loaders and a flatbed trailer.
I believe the only other that we had at the time was a 40K and that was out of service most of the time.
Air Freight and Passenger Facility at Rhein Main
The Air Freight Facility

Fleet Service
Fleet Service

The Base Hotel
The Base Hotel ...
freight dock
Freight Dock
inbound pax
Inbound Passenger Facility - Rumor has it there were slot machines in the facility.
Rhein Main Tower
Rhein Main Tower
Rhein Main Tower
Rhein Main Tower

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