435th CMB Operations

Pictures from: Danny Knapp

Danny Knapp Mark McVicar

Mountain Climbing Near The Zukspitz Germany

At 35th Anniversary Berlin Airlift

CMB Perimeter Defense Trng Bad Tolz Germany

Preparing for TDY Trip

CMB TDY for 35th Anniv of Berlin Airlift

The CMB Hat

Fred Castro TDY CRISEX 81 at Almeria Spain

C-130 Landing at
Almeria Spain

Danny Knapp with Spanish Troops at Almeria Spain

Cathy Leal's CMB Baby

LAPES Extraction
from C-130

LAPES Extraction 2 from C-130

Danny Knapp Chief Jack Roddy

Combat Mobility Picnic

LAPES Extraction 4 from C-130

CMB Logo on a Sand Dune at Cairo West

LAPES Dropped from C-130

The Combat Mobility Branch

C-130 doing LAPES drop

Shooting LAW in
Bad Tolz Germany

Danny Knapp in CMB Office

C-130 Crashed While Landing in Denmark

Danny Examining C-141 Crash Cairo West

C-130 Crash at Denmark on TDY Trip to Norway

Paratrooper Drop
from C-130

Recovering Airdrop Loads During 35th Berlin Airlift Anniversary

SSgt Kathy Leal

Danny Knapp and Rojo
at Almeria Spain

CMB Troops at
Bad Tolz Germany
Danny Knapp
for the Great Pictures