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Charlie Leathers First assigned to Rhein Main in June 1960. Spent three different tours there for a total of 15 years. Last tour was from June 1974 - July 1981. Retired Jul 81 and went to Puyallup Washington. After eight months returned to Germany. Thanks to Don and Jean Brewer I landed a job with the Army Corps of Engineers 15 Apr 82. I am a Civil Engineer Technician located in Kaiserslautern. I will be retiring from Federal Service 31 Aug 02 and relocating to Indianapolis Indiana.
Annette McKerrell

I am still at Rhein Main, now the Superintendent of the European Passenger Reservation Center (PRC) under the 726 AMS. Worked in Pax from July 1977 - 1987 (mostly DV Lounge) before I transferred to the PRC. Looking forward to hearing from old friends!

Bill Given 1978-1980 DC1
1983-1987 QC, Import Freight, Fleet, Loadplanning
1990-1995 Loadplanning, Safety, Combat Plans
Bob Danforth 1971-1974 Pax processing & Terminal Reservations Section.
Ron Ferranti

1970-1974 Pax Processing and Terminal Reservation Section
1977-1984 Terminal Reservation Section and Passenger Processing
11 of 20 years in the Air Force were spent at Rhein Main AB. I was fortunate to work with the best group of airmen and officers ever assembled. As a "Team" (Command, Pax, ATOC, Fleet, etc.) we did more than anyone ever expected and did it so well we often set the standard for others to follow. Thank you for being the best leaders, workers and friends I ever met.

Bob McCoy Served entire Air Force Career in Air Transportation. During that 24 Year period met, made friends and worked with many transporters. Often wonder where and what those folk are doing now. Joined this club in hopes of maybe locating many of those old friends.
Bob Davis

Chief, Data Processing and Records
Jan 78 - Jun 82
My folks did all that Computer stuff in Pax and at PRC. Started the Cargo stuff but Scott slowed down and I left before it really got started.
Rhein-Main was probably the most interesting tour I had in 24 years with USAF.

Tony Gugliotta Rhein Mein member from 91 till 95. Had a great time there. Worked Data Records and Pax terminal, now at Scott.
Bruce Brinn Stationed at RM from August 1978 to August 1981. Combat Mobility Branch for 8 months, NCOIC Fleet Service 16 months and finally NCOIC Air Freight the last year. Now a GS-12 Supervisory Transportation Operations Specialist as the DoDDS Okinawa District Transportation Supervisor. Oversee the student transportation program for over 12,000 students on Okinawa.
Buck Ramp/441 '90
computer room 91
Casey Scharven

Currently the CC of the AMC unit at the Kuwait Intl' Airport. Still having fun and up to 4 kids now!

Chuck Came in from Korea, (78), was in the CMB for the next five years. I worked in the hanger on the floor packing and rigging. After the new addition at the end of 9th Med building, moved to Load planning & ATOC. Went on plenty of TDY's and attended many beer Fridays (being right across from the Class six). Left there for the Phillippines & Japan, (83).
Chuck Ulmer Retired as a Colonel after spending 36 years in the Air Force. 30 years as a Transportation Officer. Was with the 435APS from 1976 through 1979. Enjoyed the many transporters that I met over the years and look forward to reunions.
Cyndi Kavanagh


I was at Rhein Main from 84 to 88 and worked Pax and ATOC. I am currently at McGuire AFB working ATOC.

Dallas Smith I joined the Port when Don Brewer(Maj.) hired me in September 1979. Since then I have seen many unit changes and now am a member of the 726 AMS at Rhein Main Air Base. Have been here since 1969. Would like to hear from others who were a part of our Happy Family. Dallas.
Dan Engstrom Served at 435 APS 7/01/1977 to 7/01/1980.
Retired from the USAF 7/01/1982.
Presently residing in Pensacola, Florida.
Danny Dines In APS 79-81 and 84-87. Worked export early years then Ramp,Mobility, and Wing TRX.
Dave Ruth


Don Brewer

435th APS 1979 - 1982
- OIC, Air Freight
- OIC, Passenger Service
- Chief, Combat Mobility Branch
- Squadron Operations Officer (ATM)

Earl Murray my name is earl murray i was stationed at rhein main from 1986-1990 started out in ramp and then moved to the pax terminal was involved with country & western dancing group over there putting on show's looking for anyone that remembers me.
Terry Ronning

Terry Ronning here! Was the Grave shift supervisor,PAX Terminal 79-83. From 435th to 619MASS at Hickam 83-88 then to Davis Monthan AZ 88-93 then Retired. Became the locomotive engineer at DM,RIF to Trans Assistant and loving it.

John Valentine One of the old timers!
I was at the 435th from July 1973 to July 1976. I worked for a short time in ATOC and then finished my tour there as OIC Pax Service. My wife Laura and I really enjoyed our time at Rhein Main, so much in fact that we are now living in Wiesbaden, where she is a Speech Pathologist at the Middle School at Hainerberg.
Keith Clevenger Keith Clevenger Was at CMB 78-80.Was a mechanic on aerial port equipment.
Low-Dog I was at Rhien Main from 1980-85 , I worked at import freight (better known as 441)then went to Andrews AFB with the 93 APS from 1985-90,then off to Helenikon AB Greece(beter know as hell town),then off to Lajes field from 1991-94 then I came back to Rhien Main from 1994-95 then I retired I now work fo AAFES as a driver and deliver to most bases in TX,LA,OK,KS,MO,SD
Mike Matney Hi, I was one of the last people to get assigned to the 435th APS. I arrived in October 1993 and shortly there after it changed to the 362nd then to the 626 AMSS. I worked Import Freight in Bldg 441, then went to Special Handling, moved onto ATOC and then Pax service before leaving in Oct 97. Been at Scott AFB now for 5 years working on the AMC staff and for the last 1.5 years I've been in TACC working Channel Analysis. I now have an assignment to RAF Mildenhall and will be arriving there in March of 2003.

Look forward to hearing from anyone who remembers me or just wants to talk.

Noel Retired in1989, never did go back to meaningful work, but have done a lot of outdoor adventures; ie, hiked Appalachian, paddled Mississippi River in a canoe solo from source in Northern Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico,etc. Got married and now living north of Melbourne, Florida. "Life is good"
Paulette Pardu My last name used to be Dumonceaux. I was stationed at R-M from '82-'86, worked in TROA and TRX.
Sandy Baker At RM from 1985-1989, first as a duty officer and then as the OIC of Air Freight. From there, went to HQ AMC (it was MAC in those days), then to Kunsan Korea as Sq CC, next to AFLMA at Gunter where I was medically retirement. Now at USTRANSCOM as GS-13.
Shari Maloney Just found out about this web-site...My name is Shari (Nelson) Maloney and was at Rhein Main from Mar 85- Sep 91. Wouldn't mind hearing from any of you old Rhein Mainers. We sure had a lot of fun together! Take care, Shari
Susan Gardner Was At Rhein Main from 1976 to 1982. I was Susan Gardner while at Rhein Main. Worked in many sections, Documentation at Air Freight, Documentation at 441, Inventory at 441, Special Handling, and finished in Records and Reports. Involved in Base and squ adron Bowling that took me to Armed Forces Bowling Tournaments for 2 years. Left to Dover AFB, DE, then to Clark AB, PI, then to Travis AFB, CA, to Osan for a year to return to Travis AFB to Retire in 1997. Living in Sacramento, CA.
Tom Amato My name is Tom Amato and I was a member of the 435th APS between 1978 and 1980. Col Billy Mills was our commander and Lt Col Joe Geiger was the ATM. Joe Geiger ran on of the base scout troops and his son Steve and I were his assistant scoutmasters. I worked for SMSgt Dan Ingstrum over at Fleet Services. I can tell you that I spent more than my fair share of time riding the LST with Mr. Speedy.
Traci Stehm worked at 441 Import Freight 90-93. I was Traci Stehm and married Allen Carpenter from Special Handling. I am out of the AF now - but "Alf" is still in. We are at Norfolk Naval Base now. It would be great to hear from everyone.
Wayne Sanford Was at Rhein Main from Dec 1990 to June 1995. Capabilty Forcasting and the Operations super at the Passenger Terminal. Rhein Main to HQ AMC, Scott, Retired may 1998. still in Belleville, IL
Wayne Taylor Squadron Section Commander, 80-83

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