After Lunch at The Club At Rudesheim At The Log Building 441 Today Carole Bill  Wayne Carole Ray  May Castle on The Rhein 5 Charlie Leathers with a short beer Dawn Bill Wayne  Jean Dinner at The Farm 2 Dinner at The Farm 3 Dinner at The Farm 7 Dinner at The Log Restaurant Dinner in Rudesheim After The Rhein Cruise Entrance to The Farm Restaurant Greg  Dawn Theroux Joe Berardino Surrenders to Bob Altee John  Laura Valentine at The Farm John Ray  Carole Laura Greg  John Lunch in Rudesheim May Meyer Mike Jewett Does Rose Thing Mike Was The Very Last to Disembark Mrs. Smith Dallas Smith  John Valentine On The Upper Deck of The Rhein Cruise Our Gang on Streets of Rudesheim Our Gant in The Streets of Rudesheim Ray Poole Rudesheim The Consolidated Club Today The old BX now Dept of State The old CMB Office Building The Old RM Hotel now The Rhein River Today's Special at The Farm Tom Nett Carole Lail Bob Altee and Bill Palczewski Tom Nett Waiting For the Bus Welcome Sign